Cardiovascular Tip of the Month

Tip of the month
"Be Good to Your Heart
One Ounce of Cardiovascular Prevention
is Better than Pounds of Cure”

Obesity is a very common risk factor for cardiovascular disease in the USA, affecting  over 100 million Americans (22-24% of US Adults).

Some Facts About Obesity:

  • 61% of Adults in US overweight (BMI>25) or obese (BMI>30)
  • 20% of US adolescents of childbearing age are obese
  • 300,000 Deaths USA year (2nd leading cause preventable deaths)
  • Economic cost US $117 billion.

Remember: Appetite is our worst enemy

Click here to see some of our original accomplishments during the past 3 years in the area of cardiovascular disease prevention. See a list all our discoveries presented at national and international medical meetings.

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