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Cardiovascular Health Assessment Center

Our Mission and Recommendations

"To promote early detection, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, including stroke, and to achieve the highest health qualtiy for all."

Be Good to Your Heart!
"One ounce of early cardiovascular disease prevention is better than one pound of cure."

Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death for both men and women.  Its symptoms emerge silently in the body - long before they cascade into a serious event such as heart attack, stroke, kidney disease or sudden death.  Standard screenings used to monitor your risk factors, such as blood pressure and cholesterol checks, don't always give the most accurate picture of cardiovascular disease possible with today's advance technology.  In fact, it's not unusual for current screenings to label some people low risk when newer tests actually reveal they are high risk.

Looking Beyond Risk Factors

Risk markers are more sensitive and specific than risk factors for early detection and assessment of cardiovascular disease.

The Cardiovascular Health Assessment Center at Cardiovascular Center of Sarasota offers state-of-the-art 18-Point Heart Inspection, a novel series of tests that looks beyond traditional risk factors for actual evidence of disease, i.e. risk markers. It is an evidence-based, scientific method that combines standard risk assessments with more advanced tests, including:

  • retina scans to check the blood vessels in the back of the eye
  • arterial elasticity analyses
  • carotid, heart and abdominal aortic ultrasounds to uncover the earliest markers of heart and vascular disease.

Using a sophisticated scoring system that targets and isolates the most reliable disease markers, the assessment series changes the paradigm for cardiovascular disease prevention by focusing on early detection of disease rather than merely risk factors.

One 2-Hour Evaluation

Under the medical direction of M. El Shahawy, MD, MS, FESC, FSCCT, FASH, FACC, FAHA, board-certified cardiologist, with subspecialty in cardiovascular disease prevention and a member of European and American Societies for cardiovascular disease prevention, our Cardiovascular Health Assessment Center team uses the latest, non-invasive heart, lung and circulation tests available - a series of 10 vascular and cardiac diagnostic and 8 laboratory tests - as well as an in-depth risk assessment and physical exam to identify early markers and signs of cardiovascular disease.

Keep Your Heart Running on All Cylinders.

If we showed our hearts the same respect we show our cars - preventative maintenance with advanced diagnostics to keep engines running smoothly - heart disease wouldn't be the nation's number one killer.

Get Your 18-Point Heart Inspection Today!

The Cardiovascular Health Assessment Center has developed just that - a state-of-the-art series of 18 non-invasive heart, lung and circulation tests that not only detect individual risk factors... but does something even better.  It provides a road map of your cardiovascular system revealing the earliest markers for disease - giving you the warning signs and time you need to avoid the danger zones!

Some tests are traditional and some are revolutionary - like a retina scan and arterial elasticity analyses that look beyond the normal risk factors that doctors monitor to uncover the earliest evidence of disease.  The key is analyzing everything together!  Our renowned cardiology team reviews these results with you personally in a full report.  Then we put you behind the wheel to share with your own physician and use as a guide on your road to cardiovascular health.

Full Medical Report

Our team will provide you and your doctor a full report of the medical findings and risk counseling, as well as a detailed medical-treatment intervention plan for each individual to slow the progression of heart disease, if found, and a prevention plan focused on eliminating contributing factors to keep individuals healthy as they age.

Program Cost

Currently Medicare and most commercial insurance reimburse for cardiovascular preventive testing.  Individuals whose plan do not cover the full costs of these services are eligible for "self-pay" discount if paid within 30 days of service.  The discounted (self-pay price) of the program is $700 which includes consulatation with Medical Director, Dr. Shahawy.  For more information, please call (941) 366-9800 .

Make Your Appointment Today

In just one 2-hour appointment, you will receive:

Advanced Cardiac Evaluation

The most in-depth series of heart, lung and circulation tests available to identify early markers and signs of cardiovascular disease.

State-of-the-Art Techniques

Safe and comfortable screening techniques anchored in today's advanced non-invasive diagnostic medicine.

Individualized Risk Counseling & Recommendations

Detailed medical intervention plan for you and your doctor to slow progression of cardiovascular disease, if found, and prevention plan addressing contributing factors.

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